As an extreme Mountain challenge event it’s massively important that you’re fully prepared mentally and physically and as such we
encourage you to undertake regular weekly exercise in preparation. Walking at least 75% of the distance involved in this challenge should be undertaken prior to the event itself but only after careful progression. It is also important that you include hills within your training. At least 50% of each of your training walks should take place on gradients. As with the distance covered, the gradient undertaken should increase in the approach to the event.

It is worthwhile developing a training plan to suit yourself, taking into consideration your starting fitness, the lead time until the event and your local training ground. Whatever you do don’t make it too complicated, it’s always better developing something which fits in with work, family etc and that you can adhere to. It’s always helpful to partner with someone while training, especially someone else that may be undertaking the event. Even if you don’t know someone else that’s undertaking the event get a friend to join in.

If you are in any doubt about your health or fitness we request that you seek advice from your GP.

A reasonable level of fitness must be attained and checks will be in place on the day of the event by the Killarney Ultimate High Peaks Challenge team who will apply cut off times and in extreme cases reserve the right to disallow participants to continue.

Contact information

Killarney’s Ultimate High Peaks Challenge,
Beaufort, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Phone: +353 (0)87 744 0523

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