killarney walking challenge

You need to be fit and ready to do 25Km on foot over rough mountainous terrain. That means sturdy off-road footwear, some good waterproofs, gloves, headwear and plenty to eat and drink.

Based on weather conditions, we may insist on further mandatory kit too, nearer the time but the basic principle here is to dress comfortably, in gear that you know and trust. Spend some time on the hills and try some combinations. Note : You need to carry sufficient food and liquid/water to complete the event.

Kit Check – Crucial Information
Before you to register, you will need to show that you have all the mandatory kit items with you.  This is a demanding challenge event in the mountains, so you will need to carry with you the appropriate kit to deal with all that the Irish weather and high mountains can throw at you.

Map and compass

Mandatory Kit:

1. Boots: Sturdy walking boots with ankle support and a good sole or proper mountain running/trail shoes– Normal trainers are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Ensure all footwear is walked in and suitable socks are used to avoid blisters.

2. Rucksack, or other appropriate method of carrying your kit.

3. Compass & OS Discovery Series map Sheet 78 or Harveys Superwalker MacGillycuddy’s Reeks map (waterproof or in waterproof cover ) – these are available to purchase in Cronin’s Yard.

4. Hydration Bladder or Bottle(s) with a minimum 2 litres: We will likely increase if the forecast is hot and dry.

5. Food – Packed lunch with enough food /snacks.

6. Spare Food: Chocolate and nuts are good sources of energy.

7. Clothing: Warm comfortable layers inc thermal & mid providing full body cover – Jeans/cotton items are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

8. Waterproofs: Jacket and trousers.

9. Extremities: Warm hat & gloves

10. Spare warm clothing.

11. Torch: Head torch with spare batteries.

12. Survival Bag or Foil Blanket

13. Personal First Aid kit: Basic first aid accessories.

14. Whistle – 6 blows to call for help

15. Fully charged Mobile Phone

16. Personal Event Number: please make this visible for the stewards and photographer!

17. Event Organisers course and medical contact numbers – this will be provided at registration.

Recommended Kit:

1. Technical Tee and/or a quality base layer

2. Internal rucksack dry bag ( large black bin liner will suffice )

3. Blister treatment kit

4. Insect repellent

5. Sunglasses, Sunhat & Sunscreen – (well we can live in hope!)

Contact information

Killarney’s Ultimate High Peaks Challenge,
Beaufort, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Phone: +353 (0)87 744 0523

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Route maps
MacGillycuddy Reeks
Aerial view of the Gap of Dunloe
Long Range Killarney
New Bridge Carrantuohill
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