Killarney Mountain Challenge

Q; What is Killarney’s Ultimate High Peaks Challenge?

A; Killarney’s Ultimate High Peaks Challenge is a one day extreme mountain challenge, consisting of 25km of walking, hiking and scrambling with a total height gain of almost 2500mtrs. over the majority of Irelands very highest mountains.

Q; How much does it cost and what is included in the price?

A; The price to enter is €95 per person. This includes a fully marshalled and insured event with first aid back up. 2 free nights camping in Cronin’s Yard campsite. Bus transfer from Cronin’s Yard to the start point in the Gap of Dunloe. Secure parking in Cronin’s Yard. After-party including Mega Barbeque with entertainment at Cronin’s Yard. Unique 2018 High Peaks Challenge Medal and Goodie Bag.

Q; Is the Killarney Ultimate High Peaks Challenge a race?

A; No it is not a race. There will be no timing stations along the route but of course if you wish to make it more of a challenge you can take your own time. The existing record to complete the route is 6hrs 58mins so lets see if you can be quicker!!!

Q; Can i choose my own start time?

A; No you will be given a start time. Wave/Bus times are allocated at time of final registration. The earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting your preferred bus transfer time on the morning of the BIG day.

Q; Do I have to complete a final check in even though I’ve already registered?

A; YES…This is when you receive your participant pack including your individual competitor number as well as your goodie bag.

 Q; When and what time can I complete my final check registration and collect my event pack?

A; High Peaks Challenge event pack collection and final registration takes place in the event base in Cronin’s Yard on Friday evening 18th May between 19.00 – 21.30pm and also in the same venue on Saturday morning 19th May strictly between 04.30 – 05.15am

Q; Is there a time limit?

A; This is a challenge event and not a race but that said there will be a cut off times to reach certain points along the route. Anyone arriving at this point after the cut off time will need to abort the remainder of the route. These will be stringently enforced and are designed to maximize the safety of ALL participants as-well as event marshals. These times will be generous. Further details of this will be in your race information pack and are also listed below.

Q;What times do the shuttle buses depart Cronin’s Yard on the morning of the event taking competitors to the start line?

A; Buses will depart Cronin’s Yard at 5:00am & 5:30am STRICTLY. Bus times are only allocated at time of final registration. The earlier you register, the higher chance you have of reserving your preferred bus transfer time.

Q; What are the Cut-off times and where are they located?

A; 9:30 – Road lay-by at the head of the Gap of Dunloe (GR 872 835) , 12:00 – Cruách Mhór Summit grotto – (GR 840 848), 14:30 – Cnoc an Toinne West top (GR 811 833) , 16:00 – Corrán Tuathail Summit – (GR 803 844)

Q; Roughly how long should the route take?

A; Obviously this is very dependent on your level of fitness and ability but a rough estimate is between 10 and 14 hours. Though there is no doubt many will complete it a lot quicker than this! The fastest time completed so far was a time of 6hrs 58mins and the slowest being 15hrs!!! You should aim to be somewhere in between!!!

Q; How fit and competent do i need to be?

A; Mountain challenges are a tough proposition and require a very good level of fitness and as this is marshalled but not guided participants will need to be experienced hill walkers, highly competent navigators and confident on steep, rough and rugged terrain.

Q; Can we enter as a team?

A; Yes teams can enter but the same individual price will apply.

Q; What do I wear/bring?

A; See our kit list please note there is some mandatory kit. Checks will be carried out and anyone without the mandatory kit will not be allowed to continue.

Q; Do I need a map?

A; Do you REALLY need to ask this one!!! Yes. Most definitely! A detailed itinerary which includes all Grid References is available on the website. A simple map is also available but in addition to this online map you will need a more detailed map such as: Ordinance Survey Discovery Series Sheet 78 1:50000 or 1:25000.

Also available from Harvey Maps is their Superwalker 1:30000 Series which includes one for the MacGillycuddys Reeks. These are available to purchase locally in Killarney and also in Cronin’s Yard Tea Rooms.

Q; What if I forget some of my kit?

A; There will be a retail stand in Cronin’s Yard on the morning of check in and this will have various items of essential kit available to purchase .

Q; Is there mobile phone coverage along the route?

A; Yes, for most parts of the route there is good coverage but this should never be relied on. Marshals will be positioned at strategic points along the entire route and should you need assistance of any kind or wish to end your participation, the correct procedure of how to do this will be provided in your event info pack.

Q; Is there water stations along the route?

A; No, there are no water stations along the route. This is an extreme mountain challenge and as such you will be required to carry a sufficient supply of water/liquids as you deem necessary to complete the entire route. The last place where it is possible to refill/top up your supply is from a narrow stream which you will follow as you drop from Glas Loch heading to the head of the Gap of Dunloe (GR 871 837)  – Lat 51°59,680N / Long 9°38,595W    *Please be aware that water from wild mountain streams can never be guaranteed 100% safe to drink unless boiled for 3 minutes+ or purified using various systems. This said, we have drank from the mountain streams in this area dozens of times over many years and have never once encountered any negative effects.

There is also a small natural high mountain spring located at GR 8055 8385. This location is as you begin the climb of Carrauntoohil following the main trail just above the relatively western end of the flat boggy area at the top of Devil’s Ladder. Be aware that after a prolonged dry spell of a few days, this reliable water source may not be present!

Q; What support is there along the route?

A; It is a fully marshalled event by highly experienced mountaineers / marshals who are all first aid qualified.

Q; Is there a age requirement?

A; Yes you have to be over 18yrs and under 105yrs. Over 9o’s must be accompanied by both parents!

Q; How much does it cost and when do I pay?

A; It costs €95 and you pay when you fill out the registration form on line or when you register beforehand in Cronin’s Yard.

Q; How / where do I register and can I pay on the day?

A; Online registration on our website or registration and payment is available in Cronin’s Yard. Payment must be completed at time of registration. No payment accepted on the day.

Q; Do I have to sign a waiver?

A; Yes – this is a box you need to tick on the online registration form or if registering at Cronin’s yard (prior to the event) the form will need to be signed.

Q; When does registration close?

A; When quota for max. numbers has been reached.

Q; Where do i park my car?

A; Safe and secure parking at Cronin’s Yard with bus transfer provided from here to the starting point in The Gap of Dunloe on Saturday morning.

Q; Where can i stay on the Friday night and Saturday night?

A; There is free camping available in Cronin’s Yard campsite or a wide selection of Hostel’s and B&B’s available locally. If availing of the free camping for participants it is essential that you first check in at the Tea rooms in Cronin’s Yard to receive your tent tag prior to erecting your tent. You will then be told where to site your tent. No parking in the tent site as space is limited.

Q; What time do I need to arrive in Cronin’s Yard on Saturday morning?

A; First bus will be leaving at 05.00am so allow time for mandatory kit check and final check in.

Q; Can I bring my dog?

A; Strictly NO dogs allowed.

Q; Are there shower facilities for afterwards?

A; Yes, there are showers available in Cronin’s Yard. These are priced at €1 per minute. €1 coins required.

Contact information

Killarney’s Ultimate High Peaks Challenge,
Beaufort, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Phone: +353 (0)87 744 0523

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